2016 Vermont Waterfalls Calendars Available

Hello all,

My 2016 calendars of Vermont Waterfalls are now available!



Each month features an image of mine from a brook in Vermont, ranging from Killington to the Northeast Kingdom:

Cover: A close-up shot of a waterfall on Sucker Brook below the Falls of Lana in Salisbury, VT (just south of Middlebury).
January: Moss Glen Falls in Stowe as it looks during the winter.
February: Hell Brook in Stowe.
March: Chamberlin Mills Bridge Falls in Lyndon, VT.
April: Coldwater Brook in Groton State Forest.
May: Woodbury Falls (a few miles south of Hardwick).
June: Moss Glen Falls (Stowe) from this summer, after the winter pulled down a bunch of trees on the surrounding cliffs.
July: Sucker Brook, this time above the Falls of Lana in the Green Mountain National Forest in Salisbury, VT.
August: Topmost segment of the Falls of Lana.
September: Kent Brook in Gifford Woods State Park near Killington.
October: Hell Brook, Stowe.
November: An intermittent waterfall in Little River State Park that feeds Stevenson Brook in times of high water (Waterbury).
December: Stowe’s Hell Brook in an early-winter snowstorm.

My calendars are available for purchase by clicking on the link below:



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