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2016 Vermont Waterfalls Calendars Available

Hello all,

My 2016 calendars of Vermont Waterfalls are now available!



Each month features an image of mine from a brook in Vermont, ranging from Killington to the Northeast Kingdom:

Cover: A close-up shot of a waterfall on Sucker Brook below the Falls of Lana in Salisbury, VT (just south of Middlebury).
January: Moss Glen Falls in Stowe as it looks during the winter.
February: Hell Brook in Stowe.
March: Chamberlin Mills Bridge Falls in Lyndon, VT.
April: Coldwater Brook in Groton State Forest.
May: Woodbury Falls (a few miles south of Hardwick).
June: Moss Glen Falls (Stowe) from this summer, after the winter pulled down a bunch of trees on the surrounding cliffs.
July: Sucker Brook, this time above the Falls of Lana in the Green Mountain National Forest in Salisbury, VT.
August: Topmost segment of the Falls of Lana.
September: Kent Brook in Gifford Woods State Park near Killington.
October: Hell Brook, Stowe.
November: An intermittent waterfall in Little River State Park that feeds Stevenson Brook in times of high water (Waterbury).
December: Stowe’s Hell Brook in an early-winter snowstorm.

My calendars are available for purchase by clicking on the link below:


Greetings from Kevin Hart (the photographer from Vermont)!

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by to check out my new blog! This is just an introductory post so I’m keepin’ it short (and real).

Here, I hope to chronicle for all of you my various camera-accompanied adventures, where I’ll share my hard-learned lessons, some photo advice, and the (entertaining/hair-raising/enlightening) stories behind my photos!

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Talk to you all soon!